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Sunday, 1 June 2008

Tales of Typographic Notions

 ...so the poster was for an album by Alphabeat, a group of Danes now living  local in in East London. The music  is light 80s retro pop if you are into that kind of thing. I do like the artwork, its in a good tradition of popart after Peter Blake and Jamie Reid and using Eines work is a shrewd move.

As I was driving under the bridge at Shoreditch High St/ Old Street junction tonight I noticed a poster on the billboard with some cool graphics. The designers had used the letters  from graphitti artist Ben Flynn (A.K.A Eine )  and pasted  them in  a blackmail /Jamie Reid-esque way. So absorbed was I in the graphics I failed to take in who's bands album was being promoted! However it reminded me to post a bit about Eines work. Anyone who has been to the east end will have noticed random letters sprayed on the roller shutters of unlikely shops.  No lesser celebrity than Dave Gorman set about tracking down the whole set and posting on his Flickr page as have others before him. Read more about the  artist  in his own words in the piece from Swindle magazine and check his own website for other work including  some highly desirable canvasses. >>Einesigns.

I will go back tomorrow and photograph the poster.

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